Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I am a huge collector of different items that I find entertaining and inspiring. I'm willing to share any items from my collection to people who'd like to join this online community for non-conformists . To learn more about UNCO, read the 2 previous posts.

Below are just a few of the multimedia stuff that can be shared to members mainly via USB sharing (laptop to laptop or laptop to USB) or online via torrents and P2P sites. If you don't know how to download and use P2P sites, I'll teach you how.

some of my UNCENSORED STUFF collection are featured in http://funsxy.blogspot.com/
*Other stuff will be featured pretty soon.

*Others include other uncensored stuff, Sex Education CD-ROMs, video clips, softwares, computer games, music albums, TV series etc. both wholesome and uncensored. UNCENSORED stuff are STRICTLY for adults only. Nobody below 18 years old will be allowed to obtain such materials. (ID is required)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Support Group for Non-Conformists

What is UNCO?

UNCO or United Non-Conformists' Organization is a private support group for people who describe themselves as fun-loving, free-spirited, out-of-the-box individuals who do not conform to certain social conventions and stereotypes. The group is also open to tolerant and open-minded conformists or conservative people who would like to better understand where non-conformists are coming from.

Currently, we have members who are from different parts of the world. Most them are 'closeted non-conformists' --- a few of whom are celebrities from showbiz and in sports who keep it on the down low. Their secrets are very safe with the group and the new members will not be able to find out about them because we have a strict CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY within our group that allows certain members to opt for a 'confidential membership' enabling them to keep their identities and unconventional lifestyles private.


Psychological experts not only allow but also highly recommend keeping certain parts of your life SECRET from others especially when you don't think they'll understand where you're coming from and will only lead them to misjudge and look down on you just because you're different from the rest. This is why we require members to respect and abide by UNCO's CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY.

Consequently, it's also our primarily goal to EDUCATE people through blogs, free educational campaigns, *edutaining freebies etc about ESSENTIAL FACTS about life such as Human Sexuality Education, Factual Information about Religion, Philosophy and Science that could lead to more harmonious and happier lives wherein respect, tolerance and kindness reign supreme.

What can UNCO do for you?

UNCO provides a free-breathing environment for members where they can be totally true to themselves and have fun with people who understand them and support them in their desired lifestyles as well as support and help them reach their goals and aspirations in life. Official meet-ups and social gatherings will be held in discreet locations and it will be up to the closeted members whether to attend or not. The main founder is the mediator between the closeted and non-closeted members.

We have a resident psychologist, psychiatrist and 'all-around scientist' who can guide members to the path of happier, more fulfilling lives through FACTUAL EDUCATION (e.g. Human Sexuality Education, Facts about Religion & Philosophy etc.) and PROFESSIONAL ADVICE form the experts in psychological and emotional health which is as important as one's physical health.

*edutaining FREEBIES are free stuff such as uncensored movies, TV series, computer games, music albums, etc. that an invited member can receive.


Aside from being a private support group, UNCO aims to be a global online community for both closeted/discreet and openly non-conforming individuals from different parts of the world.

The membership to UNCO's PSG (private support group) is by invitation only but UNCO's GOC or GLOBAL ONLINE COMMUNITY is absolutely open to everyone.

How can I join UNCO?

If you are interested in joining UNCO's online global community and UNCO's private support group, feel free to add and contact our member cmultilingual at YM or coolmultilingual at SKYPE or send an email to cmultilingual@gmail.com or coolmultilingual@gmail.com.

If you want to be a 'confidential/secret member'you can use an alter-nick and create a 'pseudo-account'or an account which doesn't use your real name or any personal information.

As a member of UNCO, you are not required to attend meet-ups or any gathering. GIVING YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE FACTUAL INFO AND EDUTAINING MULTIMEDIA THAT COULD INSPIRE AND HELP YOU LEAD A MORE HONEST and HAPPIER LIFE MATTER MORE TO US . You may be asked to 'spread the word' and distribute fact sheets about Human Sexuality, Religion and Science and other scientific data to others but you are not obliged to do so. We value PERSONAL FREEDOM as much as we value THE RIGHT TO PRIVACY and CONFIDENTIALITY in UNCO.

Who are non-conformists?

Non-Conformists include the following:

1. People who are leading alternative lifestyles or any kind of set-up that's different from the social norm, i.e. individuals who have no plans of getting marrried, having children and a stereotypical or conventional family.

2. People who would like to 'try' or would like to lead such an unconventional lifestyle mentioned above.

3. People who are usually labeled 'social deviants' by conventional people but are nevertheless, harmless, i.e. ONLY those so-called 'deviants' that do not inflict harm to anyone and are true to themselves.


1. Single Lifestyle - those who do not have a family and have an 'active' lifestyle and are open to the possibilty of remaining single for life.
2. Single with a kid/kids Lifestyle - those who do not have a partner, e.g. divorced or separated, but with a child or with children and are also 'active'
3. Polyamorous Lifestyle - those with simultaneous multiple relationships with the consent of their partners, i.e. individuals with consentual bigamous or polygamous relationships.
4. People with different religion or philosophy from the norm, e.g. Scientologists, Kabbalists, Humanists, etc. and those who subscribe to paganism, agnosticism, atheism or those who do not subscribe to any belief system but believe in human kindness and brotherhood/ sisterhood.
5. People with disablities, handicaps or harmless extraordinary abilities and superhuman talents. e.g. possessing anything considered 'beyond the normal' like super powers, (figuratively or literally) who lead a lifestyle quite different from the rest.
6. Purple Pair or Lavender Couple Lifestyle - gay/bisexual man - gay/bisexual woman/lesbian pairs who are in a relationship which looks like straight /heterosexual guy-girl pairs but continue to have same-sex relationships based on mutual consent.
7. Bisexual Lifestyle - men and women who have relationships with both sexes.
8. Homosexual Lifestyle - men and women who have relationships with the same sex.
9. Transgendered/Transsexual Lifestyle - transgendered or transsexual men and women
10. People living a double life or those who have a 'secret life'
11. LGBT (Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transsexual) parents